Friday, September 09, 2016

Trump's easiest money yet

I heard a radio report today that Trump's campaign raised around $90 million in August.  I'm just sure that type of money has got Trump thinking. Trump seems to be pretty much a grifter, willing to do about anything for a buck.  You've heard the stories; Trump steaks, Trump Air, Trump Ice Spring Water, and on and on.

You may have also heard about when Spy Magazine sent ever-smaller checks to several notable people.  I can't remember the details, but they sent small checks to see who would cash them, then followed up with another, smaller check, and another.  As I heard it, the last one, for 13 cents, was chased only by Trump, just as he'd cashed all the others.  In other words, no amount of money is too small for him go after.

So you know that $90 mil attracted his attention.  At $90 mil a month, that's a billion a year.  Even for a billionaire (and we're not sure Trump actually is one) that's real money.  I'd bet he's thinking about how to get on that train.

We know he's already had his campaign pay his businesses pretty big money to host campaign events.
And it shows in his latest campaign finance report, filed Monday: Trump-linked businesses account for 17% of all campaign expenses to date. He's paid almost $11 million to Trump organizations since launching his campaign a year ago.
 Paying his own businesses is a good way to skim some bucks off the donations.  But you know he wants more.  I wonder how he'll do it?  Maybe he'll let his "loans" to his campaign ride for a while, then repay them at some silly-high interest rate.  Maybe he'll sell assets to his campaign at some inflated rate, then buy them back at fire-sale prices.

Maybe if he loses, and please please please let him lose, he'll run again next time and just set things up from the get-go to maximize his grifting opportunities. Gingrich can show him how.  Set up a super pac and pay himself a ridiculous salary, might work.  I'm sure he'll think of something.

Having all. that. money. just RIGHT THERE has got to be making him crazy.  Maybe that's why he's so inarticulate, he's stupefied by all. that. money. that people are just giving him.  Giving him! He'll never be the same.

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ericn1300 said...

I'm sure his first plan was to donate it to his charity, which is completely legal, on the surface but that avenue of fraud is under attack. His other alternative is to give it to other election campaigns so that he can buy even more loyalty down the road. With your money suckers.