Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick is making news these days by refusing to stand for the national anthem. At first the faux patriots sprayed spittle all over claiming he's not a patriot, or real American, or is dissing the troops, or whatever.  Before long, veterans and others pointed out that American values, for which troops are willing to fight to the death, include free speech. In fact, that is one of the premiere American values.  And free speech sometimes means saying uncomfortable things.

Okay. Right.

But my problem with Kaepernick is that 'Fro.  Dude!  How do you get a helmet over that?  It's just not working for you.  Two beady eyes in a halo of brown hair.  Ha!  How's that for free speech?

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ericn1300 said...

My son went crazy one summer letting his hair grow. He was in the high school football program at the time. The day before he had to register he got his hair cut for the school ID picture. The coach spotted him in the hall and did a double take and said "we're going to have to find you a smaller helmet"