Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sad tableau

Not too long ago I dropped my wife off to run into a shop in a strip mall.  Couple of restaurants, UPS store, veterinarian, that kind of place.  I waited in the car while she went inside for a few minutes.  As I sat there I saw a mother and teen age daughter exit  the veterinarian's office, not speaking, just staring ahead, grim-faced.  They got into their car, which was parked next to me, and sat there a bit.

The daughter stared out the side window.  The mother hung her head over her lap and kind of shook.  Neither spoke.  After three or four minutes the mother looked up, started the car, and they drove away.

I think they had just had a pet put down.


Reader said...

That is sad. And how interesting that you were able to get this unintentional glimpse into a very private moment in these peoples' lives. Thanks for sharing.

Alan said...

It was sad. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.