Thursday, March 31, 2011

Petty politics

Republicans in the Idaho legislature continue to impress.

House Democrats are refusing to consent to waiving reading of various bills, as a protest that a couple of pieces of legislation didn't even get a hearing.  They are hoping that Republican leadership will allow a hearing on increasing the cigarette tax, and one other bill.  To retaliate, Republicans spiked a non-controversial bill on early childhood intervention.

One thing is not like the other.

Dems, who are essentially powerless, and using what little power they have to try and get legislation to at least have a hearing.  And yes, it is obstructionism and probably very annoying to Republicans anxious to end the session.  Rs, on the other hand are killing important legislation designed to help children.

Annoying adults does not equal hurting children.

I don't think Rs really care much about the people of Idaho.  Well, they care about certain people, wealthy adult white males, mostly, but man oh man they don't like kids or women.

And it's kind of disgusting to see how unchecked power in the legislature leads to leadership by bullying.  Ya know, all Dems want is a hearing.  Doesn't seem like that much to ask.  But no, deny them even that and then take it out on kids when Dems don't just roll over for it.

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