Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heartbeat of Fox America

That would be Idaho. We're probably the left ventricle. Hear whatever on Fox News, and, by God, it's gospel. For example, 82% of Rs in Idaho hate health care reform. Of course.

Let me relate a story. Last night I was watching election returns, and the night got late (and boring) and I fell asleep in my chair. So, later, when I got up and went to bed, I was looking for my cell phone, which is also my alarm clock. I couldn't find it, but didn't feel like looking for it, so I just went to bed. After all, in the AM, once it went off, I'd find it.

This AM the (GD annoying) ring tone woke me up, and I realized the phone was ringing from under the chair next to my bed. I just woke up and wasn't "thinking," but what went through my mind was "oh, I left the phone in my shirt pocket that ended up under the chair." Just a quick flash, not really a thought, more of a reaction. You know, when the alarm is going off, you just want to shut the (GD annoying) thing off.

So, I leaned out of bed and grabbed my shirt and gave it a yank so I could pull it closer and get the phone out of the pocket. And my poor dog yelped. What I thought was my shirt was, in fact, my dog, and I yanked on his ear. Same color.

Yes, the phone was under the chair, and under my dog (!) (how'd that happen, I have no clue). But the point is, I was certain that my shirt, cell phone in pocket, was under the chair. Just the first flash of a thought in my mind.

And, I think, that's pretty much the amount of thinking that most, yes, most, people devote to politics. They get some echo of a reflection of a flash of thought, and, by God, gospel. This unfortunate phenomena is not limited to Rs, but in Idaho, I do think that it's more prevalent in that group. After all, it is really reinforced. You have that echo of a reflection of a flash of thought, and you then hear it on Fox, and most of your friends and co-workers are saying it (Obama is coming for your fishing poles!!!!!!!), and pretty soon, gospel. No one really challenges that ghostly transparency of a thought. So, it's good.

Not reality based, but amply reinforced. So it must be right. Unfortunately, for these misguided non-thinkers, the dog never yelps. So they never learn that they're wrong.


rindajust said...

I hope you apologized to the dog.

la pianista said...

ROFLMAO ... still