Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I attended the meetup to watch the Grant-Sali (et al) debate last night, sponsored by NewWest. About 16 folks showed up, several who live-blogged it. It was different, watching folks with laptops making comments to each other on a website, yet not talking to them even though the were right next to each other. I'll put up a photo when I get a chance.

That won't be for a day or two. I'm heading to eastern Idaho for a couple of days, so probably won't have great access to the web.


Adam Graham said...

Weird. I didn't see any of the regular bloggers (other than Fort Boise or Julie Fanselow) doing the live blog? Did I miss someone?

Anonymous said...

Organizer Jill Kuraitis was live-blogging. I saw a couple of other regulars live-blogging from home.