Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pro Life, er, Pro-Life, er ProLife

If you have a few minutes for some online fun, check out Pro Life's website. It's got all kinds of winger goodness. Here are some tidbits:
Legislators are big chickens, they covet office so they refuse to deal with divisive issues.
Under the tab "Wife of ProLife" we read
I, Pro-Life, asked my wife to run for office. She was very reluctant. We do not believe that women should be involved in things outside the home, unless there is a serious health, life, or liberty situation.
Mr. Life seems to be a bit confused about how to spell his name. Sometimes it is one word, sometimes it is hyphenated.

Under the tab "Pro-Life for Idaho," he lists his 27 action items for when he becomes governor, such as:

1- Governor Otter says, “we have 3 ‘equal’ branches of government.” This is wrong. The legislative branch is superior to the other branches according to the Idaho Constitution.

3- I will promote gold and silver coin as the only legal currency. Federal Reserve Notes are counterfeit according to the US Constitution and are a ponzi scheme.

6- I will never pay for alcohol from my personal or state funds.

13- I will support a “trigger law” for Idaho, in the event, the federal government suspends any of The Bill of Rights or Constitutional rights.

16- I will give to the needy almost all of my salary. Government charity never solves problems, it only increases them. Look at our Indian reservations to see the result of long term gov’t aid.

19- I believe that states can nullify unconstitutional federal laws. I also believe that a state can secede from the Union.
This next one really comes from left field (Har!)
20- I am against the government licensing of professions and occupations.
I was waiting for this one:
21- I am promoting the impeachment of President Obama for implementing treaty agreements with Russia without a vote of the Senate ... I believe Obama is not a US citizen. I believe Obama has things in his background which allow him to be blackmailed.

24- I will do everything I can to have illegal aliens deported from Idaho.
Sounds like a pretty mainstream Idaho Republican, except for giving up his salary.


Sisyphus said...

Thanks for that. I just love him. He's even better live. Next to some tea baggers, he comes across as downright reasonable.

I loved the bottom of the home page which I'll paraphrase: "God's gonna send you to hell if you don't vote for me."

Nemesis said...

Geezum Pete, he's a hoot and a half, and he represents about 80% of Jefferson County, and half of the GOP in Idaho Falls.

The nauseating thing is all the ignorance that is starting to grow in strength due to Ms. Palin and the teamen masses...