Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rexburg family values

KBCI News is reporting that students on a school bus in Rexburg chanted "Assassinate Obama." I think that says a lot about Rexburgans (Rexburgers?). Obviously these kids picked up that sentiment from their parents.

The school district responded thus:
After the incident, the Madison School district superintendent sent an email to all teachers, principals, and bus drivers saying that all students should show proper respect for elected officials.
Sent an email. Show proper respect. Fer cryin' out loud,
that's basically condoning the behavior. Threats against the President are serious business and there ought to be some consequences. Otherwise the kids will figure that it's basically okay to advocate murder of a political leader, or I guess, anyone they don't agree with.

Rexburg, especially since Ricks College morphed into BYU Idaho, is predominantly LDS. I've read that it's the most LDS town in Idaho, which places it high in the running for most LDS worldwide. Odds are that most of the kids on the bus were LDS. The Mormon church came out BIG against gay marriage in California, another message of intolerance. I'm not blaming the Church for the behavior of the kids, but I think those kids are learning to be intolerant of differing views.

You'd think the LDS Church, no stranger to being an outcast, would preach a message of tolerance. Pretty clearly the kids in Rexburg aren't getting that message.

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