Sunday, September 28, 2008


State of Idaho employees played a softball tournament on Saturday. Quite a few teams took the field, including Team Otter. The Gov missed the first game or two, but showed up later on. He was moving like man of his age, which is to say pretty good, since he had that hip replacement last winter.

The back of his shirt said "Governor." The back of Lori's said "First lady."

Interesting touch that his socks and belt matched his shirt.


Sisyphus said...

Here's a question for you, Alan, since you like to follow the money. I wonder who paid for those unis, since they are in the colors of his campaign. Bet we see those again.

alan said...

I'll see if I can find something. The other teams paid for their shirts by chipping in for them. Also, most folks, including on Otter's team, just had shirts. Pants, socks and belts were pretty rare.