Monday, September 29, 2008

Cramer blames the Blues

There's a reason I don't link to Cramer, and this typifies it. (Link is to HBO post, which links to the Cramer drivel.) Cramer says you can tell you've upset an Idaho liberal
When you find that someone has subscribed you to email lists for repulsive gay pornography.

I suppose that this could be just random spam, but it appears that someone signed me up for this--and that sounds like the kind of stunt that I have learned to expect from the degenerates who represent the Idaho Democratic Party in the blogosphere.
So, Cramer admits it might be random spam, but instead just decides it's because we blue bloggers are "degenerates." First, nice name calling, Cramer. Second, yeah, that's right, insult folks even though you're unsure whether they did the act you're insulting them for. Third, does the term "hasty generalization" mean anything to you? All blue bloggers are degenerates, eh?Although there are more blue bloggers than red ones in Idaho, we Idaho blues would fit comfortably in a Chevy Subdivision, meaning that you've called me, Julie, MG, Chris, TVA, and others, degenerates. Please, explain how I am, or any of the others are, a degenerate. Fifth Fourth, any evidence you'd care to share about what caused you to learn to expect such treatment?

Sorry, but this post just seems to be a petulant, thoughtless, drive-by shooting.

I do appreciate him using the correct name for the Democratic Party.

Update: Changed the title that called Cramer a wanker. Since I'm criticizing him for name calling, I shouldn't be doing it. Also, got lost in my numbering, now fixed.


fortboise said...

It's almost charming that Clayton thinks any of us care enough about him to play such a prank.


Way to go CC.

ThomG said...

I think it's probably just the cookies on his computer.

Sara E Anderson said...

If what he's getting is not the kind he wants, how do we deliver the good gay pornography to him? Someone's looking a gift horse in the mouth. It's the thought that counts, right?

Chris said...

I bet he had a little too much fortified apple juice one night and his curiosity got the best of him.

Then he just went into denial mode the next day and blamed it on a dirty Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Cramer was denegrating an entire group of people on non-existent evidence, while you were labeling him as an individual based on a number of points, which you outlined.

"Wanker" is perfectly appropriate in this case.

untamedshrew said...

sara e anderson - LOL! Good one.

If that's the definition of degenerate, then I'm proud to be one.

Funny how he never assumed that his email might have got picked up in one of his searches for "filth" on the internet. He knows way more about gay stuff going on in this world than I do. Probably most gay people too.

Anonymous said...

Notice the phrasing: "...repulsive gay pornography." As opposed to the gay pornography he does not consider repulsive. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I'm just insulted that he assumes degenerates of the Idablue caliber would carry out such a gay prank (pun intended). We're DEGENERATES and gay porn is the best we can come up with? Particularly since he's already proven that he is perfectly capable of digging his own grave. What an idiot.

I agree with chris.

Wordsmith said...

Or - using the logic of anonymous - Cramer is differentiating betwist 'gay porn' and ya know, 'regular' porn.