Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kudos To AG Wasden

And to Donna Jones and Ben Ysursa. Seems Gov Otter didn't want to formalize the state policy re high water mark land in exchange for a greenbelt easement because the greenbelt doesn't allow horses. Besty Russell has a more cogent explanation here. Wasden moved to formalize the policy, Jones and Ysursa voted with him, Luna and Otter opposed.
On a motion from Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, the board voted 3-2 to approve the new policy, with Jones and Secretary of State Ben Ysursa backing Wasden’s motion and Luna and Otter dissenting. Otter, still steamed about the lack of horseback access to his neighborhood Greenbelt, said the path stretches for 800 feet along the river at his ranch.
A horsepath along the greenbelt is an interesting idea, I'll admit. Maybe horses on one side, typical uses on the other. Either way, I'm glad the Land Board didn't accede to the request of developers, which started this issue.

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