Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Wayne Derkotch pulled a gun at a youth football game. He was fighting with the football coach because the coach didn't give Wayne's son enough playing time. Wayne was losing the fight so he pulled the gun. Here's a picture of this genius.

From time to time gun advocates will offer the suggestion that we'd all be safer if everyone could pack a weapon. Guy breaks into a school intent on hurting kids, the teacher or principal offs him, everyone is happy.

Well, Wayne Derkotch is the reason why this is a stupid idea. Taking the gun to a football game, I would argue, is prima facie evidence of stupidity. However, pulling it out and threatening the coach is irrefutably stupid. Wayne did this and established himself as an intemperate and stupid man.

In the gun nut scenario, some other person would pull out a gun and one of two things would happen: Derkotch would back down, or someone would shoot him. Given that Derkotch is stupid and intemperate, it's doubtful that he'd back down. More likley he'd open fire. I suppose that scenario can only end up with someone getting shot because under the gun nut scenario lots of people would be packing.

Assuming that a bullet fired by some excitable person or persons might miss the target, or pass through it, there's a high likelyhood that some bystander, a young football player perhaps, would get shot.

This is Idaho; people like and are used to guns. I know many responsible gun owners and do not consider them gun nuts. However, I also unfortunately know a few bona fide gun nuts. They're the ones saying we'd all be safer if everyone was armed. One of the red bloggers I link to has suggested this in a post, so we know they're out there.

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