Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What Are They Thinking.

Things that seem so obvious to me don’t seem to make much of an impression on many others. It seems obvious to me that the GOP controlled Congress is spending like a red neck lottery winner, but when I talk to republicans they don’t seem to care. I don’t get this. I was talking to a friend on Saturday, and asked him why he leans GOP. (We were working in his garage). It took a minute, but he finally said that he thinks Repubs are less likely to take his money. The old tax cut issue.

I mentioned our current record deficit, and the surpluses and declining national debt under Clinton, but it didn’t seem to matter. Clearly his party alliance goes beyond just the money issue. Cognitive dissonance no doubt plays a huge role; people ignore information that doesn’t support their world view.

In order to at least see what the right is concerned and talking about, I’ve taken to checking various R blogs and websites. I don’t find a lot of Idaho R blogs, not like the Dems have, but I’m just starting and I’ll probably find more. It does seem as if polblogs are more of a Dem phenomena, perhaps because being the party out of power leaves few ways to influence events.

So I have listed a few Idaho right-leaning, some to the point of tipping clear over, blogs and sites. I’ll include any others that you can point me too that seem active.

BTW, in talking to my friend I switched into the "try to change his mind with facts and argument" mode, and killed the conversation. From now on in such conversations I'm going to try to just ask questions to see if I can gain some insight into thier thoughts and motivations.

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