Monday, December 03, 2012

Tick tock

States were supposed to decide whether to set up their own medical insurance exchange by November 14th or thereabouts, but got a last minute extension until December 14th.  And by last minute, I mean they came within a day of the deadline.

Since the deadline was at hand, don't you think that most governors had made a decision?  Now, I can see taking advantage of additional time to learn more information or get politics lined up a bit better, but I have to believe they had made their minds up.

So I'm wondering, what is Governor Otter's reason for withholding his decision?  His advisory panels have completed their work and made their recommendations, so what is he waiting for?  Won't it be more likely to become an issue for the legislature if he waits til the bitter end?  Had he decided in mid November, that's 7 weeks for things to settle out.  If he waits until Dec 14, there will be only 3 weeks until the legislators hit town.

My premise is that he knows what he intends to do, and has known since last month.  The question then becomes, what does he gain by waiting to announce his decision?

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