Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ta Da!

Okay, I've been focused on other stuff for a while now, but it's a good time to try to return to this.  I know, a political blog and I sit out the two months before a momentous election.  Stupid, in terms of getting traffic.  But, I'm not that bright a guy.

Anyway, thanks to ericn1300 for giving me a push.  I was kind of figuring that everyone had given up. 

So, my post election thoughts?  Well, first of all, Yee Hah, Pardner!  It's nice for the Blue team to notch some wins for a change.

My kids are no longer in K-12, so I wasn't all that fixated on the school "reforms" (snort), but I was paying some attention.  I planned all along to vote against them, just in the hope that the Republican good ole boys would finally take a hit.  And boy, did they.  I was watching the local broadcasts from the election night gatherings, and jeez, were the R's glum.  Did an ole Dem's heart good.  I know, schadenfreude is unbecoming and crass, but I don't get many chances, politically, so Ima indulge when I can.

I figured the Luna Laws where heading for troubled waters when my office neighbor said he wasn't following them either, but when he saw who was contributing to the effort to defeat the referendum (Bloomberg and Joe Scott he specifically mentioned), he decided to vote no.  Pretty much solely on that point.

I see that Mitch Toryanski was defeated by Brandon Durst.  I know and like Mitch, but, you know, he's a Republican so, while I feel bad for him personally, I'm happy for the outcome.  I gotta believe that his vote for the school reforms (snort) hurt him.  I also think he stepped on it when he showed up to watch Brandi Swindell do ultrasounds in the Capitol.   That linked him to the vaginal ultrasound/anti-abortion issue, and again, probably cost him some votes.

What I'm wondering now, re: Toryanski, is what he'll do for a job.  His wife used to be the head of the Office of Aging, I think, and now works for DHR.  It's common for R's to throw a patronage bone to former legislators when they need it, so it will be interesting to see if Mitch lands a state job.  He was a Deputy Attorney General before, but resigned to run for senator.

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