Friday, November 16, 2012


Chris Christie says that Romney is still "raw" from losing the election, explaining away Romney's most recent remarks that Obama bought the election by giving free stuff to moochers and slackers and minorities.

Maybe.  Don't know him.  Can't vouch for him.  But, I'm guessing Romney is still struggling to cope with this loss.  See, I think that Romney has been a golden boy his entire life.  That's probably almost a provable fact.  Son of a Governor and wealthy man, tony schools (it's an ego rush just to get admitted to Harvard), success in church, made tons of $$, all that.  You probably recall Ann Romney describing how they struggled through college by cashing in stocks gifted to Romney.  In other words, they didn't struggle.

Anyway, I just think that ole Mitt has never not gotten whatever he wanted.  Some guys are just like that.  A combination of luck and work, and nothing really bad ever happens to them, and in fact, they always get pretty much what they want.  And I think that's Mitt.

I once had a friend, a lucky friend IMHO, tell me that he'd often takes risks and just rely on his luck to carry the day, because it mostly did.  And I think Mitt's been very lucky, his entire life, in addition to the good luck of being born with the gifts he had.  Like Ann Richards said of Bush, born on third base and thought he hit a triple.

So when your luck finally doesn't carry the day, when for the first time in your 65 years you didn't get what you wanted, that's gotta sting.  And it's gotta take some mental time to process.  You just can't believe it happened (or didn't happen as you wanted it to).  I guarandamntee you that on Wednesday post-election, Mitt woke up and wondered if it was a bad dream that he lost.

No wonder he's feeling "raw."  My heart just pumps p.., well, no, no snark, no Schadenfreud.  Let's just say I have exactly zero sympathy for the guy.  I expect his entire nuclear family has had the same fantastic fortune and luck during their lives, and are feeling the same way.  Robbed.  Tricked, somehow, out of something that should have been theirs.

Welcome to the world, Rawmneys.

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