Friday, November 09, 2012


I'm wondering about Gov. Otter's mentation these days.  See, he's got two big choices looming:  whether to set up a state health insurance exchange, or let the feds do it, and whether to allow the medicaid expansion mandated (per the S. Court, "offered") by Obama care to happen in Idaho.

He's got to be conflicted.  One one hand, he hates the fking feds and everything federal.  OTOH, he's got an ego.  If you doubt that, just have a look at his monogrammed french-cuffed shirts.  And what a legacy to leave, bringing health care to most of the 20% of Idahoan's who don't have health care.  Think of the misery and suffering and fear and uncertainty that would alleviate.  Who wouldn't want to accomplish that?

Only a really heartless person, I think.  And I don't think Gov Otter is heartless.

Now, on the exchange issue, again a conflict.  He doesn't want fking feds to run our health exchange, and lots of his cronies and supporters are desperate to have the state run it so they can keep their fingers in the pie.  Why, just a day or two ago, I read 3 letters to the editor in the Statesman from insurance brokers begging for a state exchange, because they're worried a federal on will cut them out of their piece of the action.

But, OTOH, Otter turned down the millions offered by the feds to help Idaho pay to set up the exchange.  So if Otter now chooses to set up a state exchange, his choice will have needlessly cost the state whatever it takes to set  up that exchange, apparently millions.

What to do, what to do...

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