Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deep thought

Karl Rove is taking heat for the poor performance of his American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS money laundering operations.  Some are suggesting (using that vague phrase makes me feel all journalisty) that Rove was mostly interested in lining his own pockets by taking a cut of all the ad buys.  Mostly the rich donors are just pissed because they got no return for their investment.

You probably saw the Rove freak out when Fox News called Ohio (and therefore the election) for Obama.  Some are suggesting (!) that Rove has lost his touch because he was so wrong.  Others are suggesting (!) that Rove's not all that bright in any event.

And if the latter is the case, and if Rove was truly "Bush's Brain," as the fawning media liked to call him, that makes George Bush look really dumb.

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