Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You can't judge a book by its cover

I stayed in this hotel in July, room No. 1, of 12.  6 up, 6 down, and a room with an ice machine.  It sits on the corner of the Flags West truck stop parking lot.  Take the Highway 40 exit from I15, the Downey exit, and there it is.

I was  a bit skeptical as we pulled in, and went to the cashier to check in, but was pleasantly surprised when we entered the room.  Recently remodeled, new finish and paint on the walls, new furniture, tile, everything.  The only things not upgraded were the wall sockets.  The were so loose the plug on my laptop fell out, so I had to squeeze it together to get it to stay.  Place was clean, had a flat screen TV, fridge (for sure) and microwave (I think).

The cashier handed us a token when we checked in, good for breakfast in the truck stop restaurant.  Very pleasant surprise, all in all.  Oh, and it was $59.95 a night.

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ericn1300 said...

psst, the elections over. you can come back out now.