Friday, June 15, 2012


The Huffington Post* ran this headline, and check out the pic below it.  Not so long ago this would cause some har har by members of the other services.  Like the old joke: in a submarine, 50 men go down, 25 couples come back up.  But now, gay service members can serve openly and proudly. 

*So, anyway, Huffington Post.  Jeez, what a fever swamp that place has become.  I do check in, but am increasingly wondering why.  They constantly troll for page views.  Like, 10 best this or that, which inevitably leads to 12 more clicks and 12 more page views for the HP.  They also specialize in salacious headlines about undressed celebrities.  And, the worst I think, is the headline that tease you to think you're going to jump to an article or real information, but instead just has a sentence or two, the nut of which could have been in the headline (but that would waste an opportunity to get yet another page view).  Blaarg.

Also, too, TPM is getting that way as well.  Links leading to more links, for the sake of the page views.

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