Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More oddness

So, former state senator John McGee has turned himself in for his misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. No details are availabe that I'm aware of, but it apparently stems from some incident between him and an unnamed person working in the statehouse.  It was earlier reported as sexual harassment.

So, my guess is that he was haranging some poor staffer, and it got out of hand.  But, I've never heard of someone being charged with disturbing the peace because he was chewing someone out.  That must have been an epic rant, is all I can say.

Actually, it sort of stinks of retribution, to me.  Anyway, here's the guy's mug shot.

How the mighty have fallen


ericn1300 said...

Disturbing the peace was such a lame attempt by Ada County Prosecutor Bowers to downplay the event in favor of his republican masters. The charge should have been assault and the county prosecutor should have the balls to get the job done.

Alan said...

It does seem pretty lame; disturbing the peace by acting up in your own office. I acutally view it the other wa. This is an overreach in an effort to kill the guy's political career (for whatever reason they'd want to do that). Agreed that Bowers is in cahoots with Republican leaders.