Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still kickin'

Jeez; it's been month since the last update.  Sigh... where does time go?

Anyway, today I heard on the radio an echo of a story I read yesterday in the paper, namely, that immigration from Mexico essentially stopped around 2000, and that since 2005 about as many people moved from the US to Mexico as vice versa.

So, all these draconian measures that states like Arizona, and Alabama are taking 1) aren't necessary, and 2) aren't responsible for stopping immigration.  Mostly they just make life miserable for brown people, and cause them to leave the state leaving a damaging economic wake behind. 

Apparently better economics in Mexico, and a declining birth rate, are primarily responsible for the change. 

Also, too, on an unrelated subject, good grief the Mittster is an unprincipled liar.  I kind of liked him early on, but over the last few months he's shown himself to be such a ready liar, willing to say absolutely anything, that he's totally turned me off.  I think the lying goes with the flip-flopping.  The guy's a completely empty suit, ready to be filled with whatever is efficacious at the moment.

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