Thursday, March 08, 2012


For most Republicans, the word "Obamacare" is a pejorative that is either hissed between clenched teeth, or moaned out with a shudder.  The Reds did a great job lying about it and demonizing it and turning it into a real right-wing bugaboo.  They simply fricking hate it.

Doesn't matter that they mostly completely misunderstand it.  They believed their leaders and liars, and truly think it's a "government takeover of health care." 

Well, Medicare started out pretty unpopular in some circles, too, but look at it now.  It's expensive, and worrisome, but beloved, especially by seniors.  I think that over time as Obamacare takes effect - by 2014 - it's benefits will adhere to more and more folks, and it will also become beloved.  And that's where the Reds screwed up.

See, from now on it'll always be known as Obamacare.  30 years from now, Obamacare.  As it grows in popularity, Obamacare.  As it becomes a central fact of American life and health, Obamacare.  It will forever cement in the public consciousness that Barack Obama, and Democrats, are responsible for this great new public good.

Of course, I suppose that Reds will continue to hate on it, but I think in decreasing numbers and intensity over time.  I mean even Reds won't actually say they want to kill Medicare (though they do); when they talk about it, they talk of "saving" it by reforms.  And so it will be with Obamacare.

Delicious irony: Reds tagged it a Obamacare as a way to demonize it, but it will end up as an enduring beloved legacy of Barack Obama, one that gets mentioned in households all across the country, sometimes on a daily basis.  Hahahahah....

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