Thursday, March 01, 2012

It's never enough

I heard Lenore Barrett (R-Custer) explain* why she voted against taxing Internet sales. Now, personally, I dig being able to avoid paying sales tax on stuff I buy over the intertoobs, though it's probably not good tax policy. Not sure about that without some more thought.

Anyway, Barrett said she thinks it's not important and that the legislature ought to be focusing on important stuff like cutting taxes and spending. So, agreed that our fine representatives ought to focus on important stuff, lord knows there's little enough of that, what with anti-contraception bills and anti-Occupy Boise bills and what not taking up their time and attention.

Jeebus, after three years of shrinking budgets spending cuts, one might figure that particular itch had been scratched. But, no, I again fail to grok the Republican mind. There is never enough cutting, until there is no government, apparently.

Gee, I always figured government was something we do together to help us all improve our station. Part of it is to referee, part of it is to provide a hand up, but to do those two functions it takes resources, and for Lenore and her ilk, government resources are bad resources.

*If you call that an explanation. It doesn't really say anything substantive about the bill under consideration.

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