Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A sad (disgusting) common thread

First, the county commissioners in Washington County passed an ordnance ordinance regulating natural gas production activity, which is popular with Washington County residents but not so much in the Idaho legislature.  A number of those residents testified in favor of local regulation at a recent hearing.  Ignoring them, the committee voted 16-0* in favor of the state bigfooting the matter and taking the counties out of the picture.

Rocky Barker wrote of the disillusionment of the residents.
Amanda Buchanan, a Weiser activist, said most of the people who spoke at the hearing also attended the House Resources and Conservation Committee hearing Thursday.

The committee’s 16-0 vote to give the state final authority over where and how oil and gas are developed, after strong public opposition to the legislation, angered many, Buchanan said.

“The most common comment was ‘I have never in my life felt so poorly represented as a citizen by my government as I did at the House Resource Committee,’” Buchanan said.

Second, all the Republicans in the Joint Finance and Appropriations committee voted to give the Idaho Secretary of State $200,000 to educate voters about the new Republican closed primary process.  All the Democrats voted against the giveaway.  The Republicans voted to give taxpayer money to help the Republican Party successfully close its primary, which was an effort to drive the ideology of the party to the right.  Well played, Republicans.  Taxpayers are now funding your ideology.

The common thread?  Well, it's the arrogance and total lack of accountability on Idaho's heavily Republican legislature.  They never have to worry about citizens and taxpayers, because they are so safely in the majority.  So, I guess voters are just getting what they voted for.  Maybe their legislators are arrogant (they definitely aren't accountable, though). Except, judging by Ms. Buchanan, maybe they're not so happy.

Which makes we wonder, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?!!? 

You see, Washington County voted 75% Republican and 25% Democratic in the last election. Rep. Boyle ran unopposed, understandable given the 75/25 split.  Dems are dead in the water there.

So, I guess I'm savoring the irony.   People of Washington County, too bad about that natural gas development.  You get what you voted for.  Oh, and Ms. Buchanan, don't blame "my government."  Blame yourself.

*Yes, the three Democrats voted with the Rep on this issue, and why not?  The Dems are from Garden City, Pocatello and Gooding.  Washington County keeps returning Boss Lawerence Denny to the legislature, since at least 2000, and in that time have not elected a single Democrat.  So Democrats are beholden to Washington County just exactly zilch.


fortboise said...

Do be careful about passing ordnance near your natural gas production activity. Or vice versa.

alan said...

Fixed the mistake. I guess the old soldier in me just wants to leave out the i.