Thursday, January 26, 2012

Principled Republicans, and then some not so much

I'm loving watching the odd fight pitting House Speaker Lawerence Denney and Idaho Republican Party Chairman Norm Semanko against AG Lawrence Wasden and redistricting commissioners Delores Crow and Randy Hansen.  The wingers in the R party in Idaho will stop at nothing, it seems, to accomplish their political goals and vision.

On one hand you've got to marvel at the single-mindedness and commitment to the goal.  On the other, you shake your head in, well, I guess in wonderment and disgust . 

You know, Denney and Semanko appoint their homies to the commission, and wonder of wonder, their homies are actually independent and are trying to follow the constitutional mandate.  And seeing that, Denney and Semanko exclaim "off with their heads."  Then before they take a swing, AG Wasden (actually, his deputy Brian Kane) gives an opinion that Hansen and Crow can't be removed.  BTW, that's Republican AG Wasden.

Not liking Wasden's/Kane's opinion, Denney and Semanko turn to the wingnut go-to lawyer, Christ Troupis who, lo and behold, gives an opinion contrary to the AG's and says, go for it.  Off with their heads.

Then the Idaho Supreme Court weighs in on the AG's side, and says, "stay that swinging ax." 

It seems this is just a taste of things to come.  I wonder how much of this Idaho voters will tolerate.  I wonder how far to the right voters are wiling to let the state drift.  I wonder what wackiness will ensure.  And, sadly, I wonder how much damage to the state has to happen first, and how many people have to suffer, before things change.  Already mental health commitment proceedings are up 151%.  Real people, real problems, real pain.  Real effects of the right wing agenda.

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J S-P said...

It's obvious Denney is just upset because his own phannie is in the ring 4 other incumbents. I see he doesn't seem to be so vocally upset about the new map approved as of this weeekend which has him safely alone.