Thursday, January 19, 2012


When a group governs according to their ideology, that is to be expected. Voters elect representatives who reflect their values and concerns (okay, maybe not the last part so much). Once elected, those representative can promote the values and address the concerns, or they can just flail away at the ideology. Guess which path our legislators routinely choose.

Here's a clue. Some clown has introduced legislation aimed at kicking the wet, frozen Occupy Boise souls off the state land where they're encamped. Hmmm, I don't recall "keeping our state land free from freeloading bums" as an election issue. I don't see how this will improve the lives of Idahoans. It's not like there's a line waiting to camp in the park but can't because Occupy Boise is hogging all the space.

No, this is just another example of our legislators trying to piss off the liberals. Promote ideology over everything. Okay, genius, go cash your per diem check, check the balance of your PERSI retirement account, pay a health care bill with your gummint sponsored health care, then give a speech about how big gummint is taking away all personal liberty, and after that, but before you figure a way out of Idaho's low wage trap, work on right all that's wrong with democracy by clearing out the park. Perfect. Kisses.

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wheatgerm said...

Hopefully it all turns out well