Sunday, December 11, 2011

Focaccia's restaurant

The Statesman ran an article in today's (Sunday) issue about the Boise restaurant, Focaccia's.  It has been struggling with reduced business, and now the owner's wife has become gravely ill. They could use some help.

If you have never eaten there, you'd be happy if you did.  They have very high quality food, nicely conceived and prepared.  The wait staff is friendly and well trained, attentive but not constantly bugging you.

And one additional selling point is that you can get in and out, easily, in a hour, so it's a great place for lunch.  Food arrives in minutes after you place your order.

It would be a real loss to Boise for this fine restaurant to close.  Please consider having a meal there soon.
404 E. Park Center Blvd, Boise.

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ericn1300 said...

I don't get over to Park Center much but I had lunch once at Foccacia's while doing an IT gig for Super Value and it was wonderful.

This is an example of the real "job killer" out there, hard working small business men that actually create jobs and employe real people but without the most basic safety net of all, universal health care. McDonald's has it available for their employees but it's out of reach for the owners and employees of Foccacia's.