Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Statesman's stinky web site

I did a quick Google News search to see if I could find an article about Rep. Steve Thayn's new education initiative, 8 in 6.  Say what you will about Thayn, like, for instance, he's a reactionary wing nut, but at least he is consistently banging away on his pet issue, education, and he does spark some discussion.  And, at least he's coming up with new ideas, even if some are pretty outre.

Anyway, the search turned up an article in the Idaho Statesman.  So I clicked on over, then waited for however long, a relatively long time, for the page to load up.   To me, the Statesman and Huffington Post are very similar in that they both are like diving into a fever swamp.  I hate going to the Statesman site, because it loads slowly, it's full of crap and nasty links, and it's just waaaaaay to aggressive in trying to gin up page views.  Example, you read a story, then have to click at least once, probably more, if you want to read the comments.  And, of couse, each click leads to a very slowly loading page.

We have a content blocker where I work, and something it blocks (for now) is social networking sites.  Okay, fine, don't need to be updating my facebook page at work, but we have legit need to access those sites from time to time.  So, we get 30 minutes a day, and then the blocker's timer runs out and we're frozen out for a day.

Well, jeez, don't go the Statesman's site during those thirty minutes, because it has some stinky link that our system perceives as accessing a social networking site.  So, without even knowing it, my 30 minutes gets eaten up by visiting the Statesman's site.  (This happens with other sites as well.)

Anyway, I only visit the Stateman's site when I have no other choice.  It's an unpleasant experience.

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ericn1300 said...

The Statesman's site got so bad my browser would freeze up with "unresponsive scripts" so I got the add on Adblock Plus for Firefox. That really helps with page loading speed. If you try it you have to pick a subscription for updating but most of them are free. The one I use is easylist. It even blocks the commercials on Hulu.com but you still have to wait 30 seconds for the content.