Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tat central

I spent last week in the company of a couple of dozen soldiers from various states; NY, MN, SD, GA, MI, LA, NV, RI, ID, WA, SC, and more.  Pretty wide cross section of the country.  Most of the group went to lunch at Busters* on the last day, and one topic of discussion was tattoos.

Specifically, the group consensus was that they saw more tattoos on more people here than any other place they could think of.  They marveled on the "full sleeve" tats, especially those sported by females.   They observed that almost every young person sported at least one tat.

Well, I see that stuff too, but haven't really paid attention to it as I travel.  Perhaps I just don't notice the abscence of a tattoo, as they notice the prescence of one.  I mentioned this to a friend, and she was adament that, "no way,"  believing that Idaho is not tat central.  How could it be, when there's CA?

*Busters:  I had a turkey sandwich with a chili relleno and chipotle mayo, with a side of slaw.  The sandwich was fried, and left my fingers greasy after holding it, but tasted good.  The slaw was not sweet or slathered with sauce, kind of mostly cabbage, but I liked it because of the nice crunch and the cabbage flavor.  Service was decent, though when it came to serve, the orders trickled out over the course of about 5 minutes.  This made it hard to politely wait until everyone was served befor eating, especially since of couple of the guys who got served first just immediately started in.  One fella (who I'll just call Hoover) was finished before everyone was served. I feared for his fingers.

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