Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: Vigilante’s

I stopped in Donnelley the other day and ordered a Reuben sandwich for lunch at Vigilante’s Bar and Grill.

The sandwich came with a choice of salad, fries or coleslaw. My salad was a fairly standard green mix with bits of red cabbage and carrot, with croutons. Nice crisp green with a, oh, 3-4 ounce cup of Ranch on the side. My companion’s dressing also came on the side; a nice touch.

The Reuben came before I was done with my salad, so within just a few minutes of ordering (but, there was only one other diner in there at the time, plus two guys drinking at the bar). Nice toasty rye bread with decent corned beef and a healthy dose of sauerkraut. In fact, the kraut was the predominant flavor, that and the bread. The sandwich didn’t have the usual thousand island dressing, which I appreciated as I think that flavor tends to hide the flavor of the beef.  It did come with a side of a really nice horseradish sauce.  Not real hot, but with a good bite to it.

It was a two napkin meal because the bread was probably toasted on the flat top and was a bit greasy to touch. The dill pickles on toothpicks speared into the sandwich was a whimsical touch. I’d have it again, though they could have added more corned beef to stand up to the kraut and rye.

My companion had a patty melt, also on rye. Burger patty. Swiss cheese (it appeared), and grilled onions. He seemed to enjoy it.

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