Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McGee's follies

Sen. McGee's troubles with his recent DUI and grand theft arrest have a bit of a comic aspect, what with references to the promised land, and an angel (and midget and broom, and what not).  But, it's still a family tragedy, and I don't agree with piling on, under these circumstances.

I'm not sure that just because a legislator gets a DUI he or she is suddenly not qualified for the job.  I heard some sanctimonious twit on the radio condemning McGee's judgment and saying that the lack of judgment in "choosing to drink and drive" means he doesn't have the judgment necessary to serve in the legislature.

First, as toasted as he was, there was no "judgment" of any sort going on.  He may have chosen to start drinking, but clearly at some point he left the realm of rationality.  So long as he's not drunk on the job, I don't think his legislative judgment is implicated.  Also, since when is good judgment necessary to serve in the Idaho legislature, especially as a Republican?  Nullification of federal laws, anyone?

Getting a second DUI does begin to implicate judgment, I think, because once it happens to you and you fail to take precautions to prevent it from happening again, you're failing to exercise good judgment.

Update:  And one more thing.  Notice how they say he was drinking at a local golf course, but don't name the course.  Why is that?  Turns out he was drinking at Hillcrest Country Club, and I believe there was some sponsored event with an open bar that night. 

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