Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A few years ago, BSU updated its sports logo.  I've heard some people credit that revision  with sparking the rise of BSU football.  Both happened at roughly the same time, but it's hard to tie one to the other.  Here is a version of the current logo.

Which is fine and all, but it has always struck me as pretty busy.  Plus, it is very reminiscent of the  Denver Bronco logo.  Since the two teams have the same colors, differentiation of logos would be nice.

  I think the best logos are the simplest.  If you click on this link, you'll see a Google images page showing college football logos.  Look them over and see if you don't agree that simpler is better. 

A couple of logos that, to me, really stand out are Texas, and the Wyoming Cowboys.  For some reason (probably some hidden google thing that prevents copyright infringement, or something) I can't grab and upload the logos.  You can see Texas' here, and Wyoming's here.  The Clemson Tiger paw print is also pretty cool.

My suggestion is to use the appaloosa as the basis for BSU's logo.  I'm no artist, so you're just going to have to picture the appaloosas below in orange and blue, in some aggressive pose and looking angry, which for some reason seems to be a requirement of most mascots.

Not only could you make a simpler logo, but no sports team (that I know of)  uses the appaloosa as a symbol.  Plus, it's symbolically perfect for a Boise, Idaho team.  The appaloosa was developed by Nez Perce Indians, almost certainly in Idaho, and the Nez Perce reservation is still here.  The appaloosa is Idaho's state horse.  An appaloosa can still be a "bronco," which just means a wild and untamed horse.  And, since the appaloosa was originally called the Palouse Horse, and since the University of Idaho is in palouse country, it would be sort of a subtle shot at the Vandals, which would be nice.

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