Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Race to the bottom

We're well on our way to either, depending on your politics, nirvana or Wingnuttistan.  This legislature enacted a hard right wing agenda, squelched dissent, and basically refused to allow any different views to be heard.  And of course, the incredible heartlessness displayed by making deep cuts to social services while refusing to even listen to arguments for raising more revenue.   What a fine bunch of fellows and gals Idahoans have elected. 

It's got to make Republicans proud.  Enacting unconstitutional laws, depriving vulnerable people of help and dignity, taking stupid and embarrassing shots at the federal government, that's our gang of leaders. One of my favorite moves by this anti-federal knot of toads was refusing to accept federal money to start to set up health insurance exchanges.

First, be sure to reject on pure ideological grounds something that will help Idaho citizens get health care (remember, the exchanges were a Republican idea initially).  And for good measure, lock into place a process that will end up having the feds come in and set one up for us.

The reasoning behind some these measures is breathtaking, and would make Socrates look like an ignorant first grader.  Example:  Brent Crane arguing that no exception to abortion restrictions  be allowed for rape and incestfor rape and incest because "the hand of the almighty is greater than ours" and perhaps that baby might turn out to be a good thing for the mother.  One weeps from the sheer beauty and compassion of such an argument, put forth by a mind so brilliant that the Capitol dome glowed every time Crane had a thought.

Enough snark, because it's only going to get worse.  Having been emboldened by this experience, next year will bring out more of the same.  After a closed primary and electing, presumably, even more conservative whack jobs, one can only gasp when contemplating what's to come and where Idaho is going.

I wonder, how bad will it have to get before voters start to reject the nonsense?  Is there any limit to the stupidity of the Idaho voter?  Maybe stupidity is too harsh.  Perhaps apathy is more descriptive.

Update:  Jeez, cleaned up some stupid grammar and typos.

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