Friday, April 15, 2011

Emergency bills

Well, our legislature rammed through its education reform over the protests of pretty much everyone involved, except its proponents.  I guess we'll see how it works out.  Seems a bit of a risky experiment with our kids and future workforce, but, what the hell.  You never know.  Maybe it'll be wonderful.  Sure glad my kids are done with K-12 education.

Anyway, now Gov. Otter is signing the bills making the education reform bills "emergencies."  The point being, of course, to stick a shiv in the effort to have a citizen referendum on the bills.  If my understanding is correct, the chief point of these emergency bills is to avoid delaying implementation of the reform bills, in the event that referendum supporters get enough signatures to force a referendum.

This seems pretty heavy-handed and contemptuous of many Idaho citizens.  Win at all costs.  Granted, Republican politicians won on the issue, but a good many citizens did not like it.  What's wrong with giving opponents a fighting chance to at least be heard?  You've heard the old (crude, so stop reading if you don't like it) saying:  You know why a dog licks his b***s?  Because he can.  The same rationale seems to apply to the legislature's passing of the emergency bills.  They really don't care about all Idaho citizens; they're just doing this because they can.

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ericn1300 said...

This legislature was "heavy-handed and contemptuous" in more matters than just education, just to list them all would be longer than your post, and I can't believe Otter gave these guys and A rating. I hope the education issue will increase the voter turnout next time so we can get some moderates voted in but with the closing of the Republican primary and the lack of anybody running against them here in Meridian I don't see much hope for change.