Thursday, February 17, 2011

They’re not serious, part 2

Republicans at both the state and federals are really riding the “no taxes – the deficit is just too damn high” horse these days. I think they over-interpreted the last election as constituting an electoral primal scream of hatred against government, and taxes = government.

This makes me a bit crazy. Because it’s disingenuous. Here’s how.

Rs are really pushing cutting government spending, but absolutely refuse to even discuss revenue measures, or if you like, raising taxes. To get the national debt down we’ve just got to cut spending. That’s pretty much the extent of their thinking.

But what did George Bush do the last time we were actually paying down the national debt? He cut taxes for the rich and destroyed the revenue source that was repaying the debt. And that’s the problem. Even if Obama managed to cut enough spending to free up enough revenue to pay down the debt (probably impossible), as soon as that happened Republicans would clamor for tax cuts, just like they did last time. They will never allow us to pay down the debt. It’s too useful a tool for them. As long as we have the national debt, Republicans will use it as an excuse to cut programs for the middle and lower classes.

Jim Risch did pretty much the same thing as Gov. Passed tax cuts, destroyed reliable revenue sources, and now the state government is withering on the vine.

It’s all just a smokescreen to enable Republicans to wage war on the middle class in favor of corporations and wealthy people.


Sisyphus said...

Nobody gives a damn about deficits or debt. People want jobs. All this talk about deficits and debt is purely media driven initiated by the right wing noise machine.

ericn1300 said...

We were on schedule to have completely paid of the deficit by 2012 until Bush cut taxes, started two wars, and the Republicans went on a spending orgy during his administration and now the hypocrites are using the deficit as political tool.