Thursday, February 17, 2011

I don't think they're serious

Recently the geniuses in the legislature turned down a $1.50 increase on fees assessed toward folks who plead to, or are found guilty of, a crime or misdemeanor.  The fee was to help fund the Idaho State Police.  Big objection? No new taxes.

There is much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in the legislature about trying to shrink government to get it in line with revenues, but they refuse to really look at any number of reasonable measures to save money.  Example; privatize the liquor business and get the state out of it.

Here's the oversight that's currently bugging me; Dept. of Corrections.  That is a huge chunk of the budget, and yet no effort is being made to reduce the number of folks behind bars.  How about they reduce the penalties on victimless crimes, like drug possession?  Perhaps impose ankle monitoring and let the non-violent offenders stay home.  How about lowering the prison aspect of the penalty for DUI in cases where there is no accident and no one is hurt?

The crime rate is as low as it's been in 20 years, slowly dropping.  So why isn't there any discussion of easing up on some of these severe penalties?  They really aren't serious about solving our budget problem, is why. 

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