Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet, sweet irony

The Statesman has a story about a woman embezzling from the Crescent Bar in Boise. You know the place; its claim to fame is "no lawyers."

Personally, I don't support places that blatantly discriminate against people based on arbitrary distinctions. I wouldn't go to a place that boasts "no Mormons" or "no Catholics" or "no Mexicans" or "no African-Americans" or "no whatever," although I will go to places that say "no smoking," which is different than saying "no smokers."

So, anyway, an ex-employee has been charged with embezzling perhaps as much as $150,000. And now she's being prosecuted. Personally, I think the Crescent should drop the charges. After all, the prosecutor is a lawyer. The judge is a lawyer. C'mon, Crescent, you've bashed lawyers for more than 20 years. You want nothing to do with lawyers. Now it's time to put your money where your mouth is.


fortboise said...

Never been in the Crescent, but that's true of most bars and grills in town. I always thought their "No Lawyers" was kind of a cute bid for some sort of clientele other than me. I have friends and family in the legal profession, so the slogan is repulsive-cute, rather than attractive-cute to me.

Having people steal from you sucks, though, and I'm not moved to Schadenfreude for their misfortune.

alan said...

Well, it's not Schadenfreude. It's more just asking them to acknowledge how repulsive their slogan is, to acknowledge that lawyers do play an important role in our society.

Sisyphus said...

I'm pretty familiar with how they got their slogan. Let's just say they're experts at antagonizing their neighbors. They just picked the wrong people to antagonize.

I'll be happy to relay the story sometime but it'll cost you both a cocktail. At some other bar, of course.

alan said...

I heard it had something to do with them installing a noisy pool pump(house) too close to the fence line and being jerks about moving it.

But I'm totally up for meeting you (and TVA if he's up for it) to hear the story. Friday Feb 4 after work? Bardenay? Next Friday (Feb 11?)

And, BTW, isn't it about time for another blue blogger meet up?

Sisyphus said...

"And, BTW, isn't it about time for another blue blogger meet up?"--indeed. The 43sb crew has been getting together for the banquet the last few years but with Blue Dog congressman Heath Schuler as keynote for this year it may have diminished our ardor of utilizing the occasion again. But I strongly agree about hooking up.