Monday, December 27, 2010

Thousands for PR, but cut school budgets

Betsy Russell has a story about the Land Board hiring a PR agent. Of course, the guy is a connected Republican. The key quote to me is
Since it first signed a contract with Tracy in October 2007, the Land Board has paid him $279,009, according to records obtained under the Idaho Public Records Act. That includes the cost of polling and the DVD. Tracy’s contract is set at $85,000 per year, and includes a $4,000 per month contract fee.
Land Board member Tom Luna had this to say about the shape of school budgets.
Luna wants $36 million to replace the temporary funding and another $24 million to cover an estimated 3,500 new students expected to enter the K-12 public school system next year. Altogether, $60 million in new money is needed just to keep per-student spending at current levels, Luna said.
$279,000 won't go far to help schools, but spending it is sure an odd choice in times of austerity.

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