Friday, December 17, 2010

Resisting and obstructing

Meet Tony. You can tell just by looking at him what he was charged with; resisting and obstructing an officer.

It's not 100%, but lots of folks charged with this will have the facial abrasions from being "subdued." I don't have a huge problem with a knucklehead getting roughed up a bit when scuffling with police, if it's inadvertent. It just seems to happen a lot to folks getting that charge.

Maybe it's because they only charge this when the knucklehead really puts up a fight and they have to get physical with him. I hope that's it. I hope it's not retribution.

Nicholas, Kody, James and Alex below were also charged with resisting and obstructing on the same day. Most of them look okay. Hmmm... They're all male. Testosterone can be such a curse.


Tony said...

Well at least they did not violate "no contact" orders! (See woman a few posts ago.) I would guess a guy that goes Raging Bull after a cop is probably going to take a few lumps until he, "Is no longer deemed a threat" to that officer. The police carry numerous less that leathal weapons on their uniform belts. Our Boise Mike Tysons had numbed several of their facalties to not notice that when they take that first big swing.

Dimitri said...

Well...he needed a nose job anywho. The other guys might need more then that.