Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A bit of silly spin

It always amuses me to read the little blurbs about local business folks in the Statesman. You know, so and so just joined such and such company. It's just a bit of publicity for the business person.

Lawyers are always getting in there with some accolade about being chosen by their peers as the best lawyer at something, or selected as one of the top 100 in the country, or whatever. Which really isn't true. Most of those accolades are similar to Who's Who. That is, you pay for the honor.

Anyway, today's installment was an announcement of a couple of new hires at a local large law firm. One of them had some experience, but it looks like the other graduated from law school and clerked with a judge for a while, then hired on at the law firm. Here's the amusing part.
Willman’s practice focuses on commercial and business litigation, creditor’s rights, products liability, employment litigation, professional malpractice, insurance defense, and general workers’ compensation defense.
To say she's "focused" on all that is just kind of silly. It's like saying a shotgun blast is focused.


Sisyphus said...

Ha! No criminal? I guess crime doesn't pay.

Alan said...

Criminal is about all she left out.