Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Walt, we hardly knew ye

Well, it appears that Walt Minnick failed to get re-elected. In the end I held my nose and voted for the guy. Not that I liked him all that much, but was hoping to help stave off a huge Republican change in the House.

I guess walking the line that Walt tried to walk was too difficult. He had to hope his base turned out for him, and that he got sufficient of the moderate middle. Well, with a demoralized base and general antipathy towards Dems, Walt couldn't get it done. Perhaps if he had been running for a 3rd term instead of a second...

Check out the results in District 18. Mitch Toryanski once told me it was a swing district, and it appears he was correct. The unofficial results have him winning by 107 votes out of nearly 12,807 cast. And even crazier; Julie Ellsworth beat Janie Ward-Engelking by 9 votes. 12,829 votes were cast. 9. Yow.

Let the crazy begin.


Miranda said...

Right Wing Watch has a pretty terrifying profile of Labrador here:

Anonymous said...

Walt's negative tactic against a minority challenger backfired. I regarded Walt's attacks on Lab's immigration law practice as profoundly in bad taste. Contrawise, Lab did not go negative on Walt's tax issues with the IRS at a time when Phil Hart's issues were front page. Walt was an imposter anyway, who had no business posing as a D.