Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nuthin to say

John Prine sings a song, "Angel from Montgomery," and part of the lyrics are:
how the hell can a person
go to work in the morning
come home in the evening
and have nothing to say?

Well, to spin off that, I wonder:

How the hell can a blogger
in the midst of a campaign season
with crazy tea party politics around him
have nothing to say?

Just kind of checked out from the process right now. Probably part of a general ennui and feeling that my vote and my voice are meaningless and powerless to have any positive effect on the political process. Even if I gave campaign donations until it bankrupted me, I'd still not have any meaningful influence. Not in Idaho, and certainly not nationally.

My only observation I'd offer is that in Idaho politics it's more important to look like a cowboy than to offer policies that might help the middle class.


I am Jack's raging bile duct said...

Howzabout I come and kick your ass for ya. Tell ya what. I'm gonna do a post on what's at stake and dedicate it to you.

Remember the deficit that everyone's griping about. Certainly attributable to Republicans but do you remember how they got in power? Voter apathy.

Tara A. Rowe said...

It's hard not to resemble voter apathy when you're a Democrat in this state that doesn't tow the party line. I feel for you.

Alan said...

Thanks, Tara. And JRBD, I'll look forward to the dedicated post.

I still plan to vote, I'm just not exicted or very motivated.