Thursday, October 07, 2010

Liberal liberal liberal, booga booga booga

Walt Minnick has a piece in Tuesday's Statesman responding to criticisms of his ads attacking Raul Labrador. In it, he writes:
Some in the media and liberal blogs don’t like the straightforward, tough look at Raul’s own record and background, the two things he specifically points to as his main qualifications for office.
Liberal. Nice. Walt is not only voting like a Republican much of the time, he has now adopted their language.

What's next? Is he going to start referring to the "Democrat Party."

Update: Well, wait. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. There are some liberal blogs, depending on your view. I sure don't see many in Idaho. Morialekafa has been pretty liberal, but lately has tended more toward cerebralism than liberalism. I don't consider my blog as particularly liberal, nor Fort Boise. The Mountain Goat Report, progressive, not real liberal, and lately focused on giving Minnick a hard time. Daily Kos; progressive, not liberal.

What is liberal? Well, advocating returning to heavily progressive tax rates (50% or more for the very wealthy) in order to fund social programs would qualify as a liberal position. Hmm. I guess since I'm having a difficult time identifing "liberal" causes, that probably says something about where I stand.

Progressive is advocating for issues that help the middle class and working people. A small deficit and a reasonably balanced budget is a progressive position. Investing in infrastructure is progressive. Funding food stamp programs and expanding Pell grants; progressive.

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