Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wind story exposes a lot of hot air

From a story in the Statesman today about a large wind turbine project being built in south central Idaho.

First, note what Otter said of the project:
Otter said the development of the wind industry is the newest chapter in Idaho's long history of creating its own power using renewable sources, starting with the Swan Falls Dam on the Snake River, Idaho Power's first hydroelectric dam.

"The renewable energy industry is breathing new life into the Idaho frontier," said Otter.
The developer of the wind project said
"This project wouldn't exist save for the federal grant," Urquhart said.
acknowledged that without government help, Idaho would not have the energy system it has today.
It's nice to see the anti-government Governor admit that government can help, and can in fact breathe new life into the Idaho frontier.

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