Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel is broadening

So, I've been on a military conference this week in the Peppermill Hotel in Reno. Pretty decent place, hotel, bars, casino, the whole deal. Here are some random impressions. First, below is one of the prints hanging on the wall in my room. They're going for a "Tuscany" feel, or something. Frankly, French whorehouse comes to my mind. There are about 30 of these in the hallway, and two in each room, and lots of them hung all over, and 17 floors, so, um, over 2,000. More on these later.

Here's a nice touch that I haven't seen before. The snacks are on a "live sensor" that will instantly rack up an outrageous charge if I touch them. I've been on pins an needles all week, worrying I'll accidentally knock over the $8 bottle of water.

The casino is a modern casino, and they do a great job with the casinoness of it. All the bars and restaurants require a trip through the casino, but by the time I walk through this sensory overload experience, I'm too disoriented to eat. More later.

So, I go from the environment above, to this. Talk about mental whiplash.

Here's a pic of the honor guard as they prepared to retire the colors. I just find it interesting that they are shoulder to shoulder, not because of space issues, but, that's just the way it's done. The emcee calls the room to attention, and of course all us soldiers snap to, shoulders back, chests out, fingers curled, eyes front. But, almost all of the civilians adopt the same posture, because they are mostly retired military. And as I've written, it just gets ingrained and you do it without thinking. Kind of neat, I think, that the civilians also snap to attention in the correct posture. Except the civilian women; not many retired military women in the audience. They kind of slouch around and look uncomfortable.

Oh, and as far as broadening, given they way I've been eating, what's broadening is my kiester.


la pianista said...

I think they know what they're doing as far as the flashing lights and bling-bling-bling, ding-ding-ding and cha-ching of the slots go. Lots o'folks are distracted by 'shiny' things. It's strictly bizness.

Weird art; bordello definitely comes to mind.

Nice photo of the room full of uniforms, but serious question here - why do civilian women just 'slouch' around and look uncomfortable? You sure about that?

fortboise said...

Nothing good can come from the mini-bar. The only way those things can work is when people are allowed to spend someone else's money on them.

I'd call the front desk and ask to have it (or at least its contents) removed. Tell them it's because you're a Vegan. (No way they know what that actually means, so they'll assume you're telling them the truth.)

alan said...

Yes, the women, if they don't adopt the rigid straight-backed posture, look like they're slouching, at least compared to everyone else. They probably look uncomfortable because they see everyone standing in a stylized posture, but they don't know how to do it.