Friday, July 02, 2010

King of Fools

Idaho Rep. Party Chair Norm Semanko has a "Reader's View" in the Statesman today (can't find it to link to it). The hilarious title? "The party of ideas wants to topple Obama's ivory tower."

Norm sprinkles various trite phrases and key words in his article, but doesn't mention a single idea his party came up with. He is just trying to take some shots at Dems but doesn't really say anything.

First off, in addition to the title, Norm writes "As the party of ideas" twice, clearly trying to confuse the reality that the GOP has no ideas for the country. Reality-based Reps (there are a few) even admit that the GOP bag of ideas is empty.
As I look out at the political landscape now, I find plenty of slogans on the Republican side, but not very many ideas, [Utah Sen. Bob] Bennett told The Ripon Society.
Bennett must have gotten an advance copy of Norm's "View," because he nailed it; slogans, but no ideas. Norm writes "liberal media," "liberal allies," "radical ivory tower experiments of the liberal establishment," and "the liberal ivory tower." Liberal liberal liberal, booga booga booga.

He refers to the "crippling agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid," and to "what Obama, Pelosi and Reid have done to our great nation." He doesn't tell us what the agenda is, what is crippling about it, and doesn't identify what it is that these three folks have done to our nation that's so bad. Again, it's just "Obama Pelosi Reid, booga booga booga.

On the front page of the Statesman, above the fold, is a story titled "Loss of jobless checks costs families, economy." It says "Idaho could see $7 million a week less going to grocers, gas stations and other retailers if Congress doesn't act on a bill to extend unemployment benefits." What is Norm's "party of ideas" doing about this? They're filibustering extending the benefits. I guess their idea is to destroy families and local economies, in order to boost their chances at reelection. We are better off without that type of idea.

Unfortunately, this mindless drivel resonates with a certain segment of Idaho's citizenry, a segment that is in control of the Idaho Rep. party these days. That segment's ideas are things like requiring loyalty oaths, paying state fees in precious metals, and establishing a separate state militia. They have no ideas about how to get the economy going, to create jobs, to obtain energy independence, or about any of the other problems facing the nation.

As the chair of the Idaho Republican Party, Norm Semanko is the King of Fools, and tragically for Idaho, he'll always reign.

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fortboise said...

IdahoReporter ran Semanko's opinion/press release, I left a comment over there. I don't suppose Semanko has any ability to detect the irony in his rant. The old "unskilled and unaware of it" problem.