Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I'll admit to a bit of it, considering that Canyon County now has to get their vehicles emission tested. It's about time.

Granted, I've been exempt from the requirement for the last few years, since I moved to Kuna, but now I've got to get my vehicles tested again. So, I'm in the same boat as the Canyon County folks.

BSU radio, KBSX, was running some pieces about the new requirement today, and their correspondent was interviewing some folks in Canyon County about it. One of the commissioners said the requirement is "unfair" because it should be statewide. She thinks it's ridiculous that the air just stays in Ada and Canyon counties. The problem with this is all the 2C cars that drive into Ada County, the freeloaders. I think it's been unfair that those folks, who work in Boise and emit air pollution here, haven't had to get tested.

My biggest beef with the program is the requirement to test new autos. That just seems pointless from an air quality perspective, and seems to only be a way to put revenue in the pockets of the emissions testers. And maybe also the Air Quality Board.

I think it's a better idea to have the roadside sniffers that test cars in passing, and if they fail to meet the standard, a tickets is issued. But of course, that puts the little red van vehicle emission testers out of business, so we can't have that.

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