Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Republicans get this

Democrats don't, and it's why Dems keep getting bashed around even though they have the better policy positions.

George Friedman, writing in Stratfor.com, had this to say about the Israeli's intercepting the Turkish ship trying to dock in Gaza:
Where knowledge is limited, and the desire to learn the complex reality doesn’t exist, public opinion can be shaped by whoever generates the most powerful symbols.
This describes most of American politics. Republicans have figured this out, and they are masters at using this to their advantage. "Government takeover." "Death panels." The list is endless.

I wish Democrats would get wise to it.


Sara E Anderson said...

I feel like Republicans have been losing their handle on this kind of thing. Look at how they lost DADT.

Alan said...

Perhaps. I hope so. I think part of it is that they have the media echo chamber Fox-Limbaugh, and the constant reporting of anything Palin says, so, it's much easier for Rs to get their talking points out. And, even if they are losing their handle on it, I'm not sure the Ds are getting any better at it.

SummerRain said...

Republicans, if they could just get away from the money of the lobbyist/corporations & represent the people....they could win just about any election.

Mike Lorrey said...

You mean democrats can't just get by claiming their opponents are stupid redneck racist morons?