Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal

There's a word in German for what Gen. McChristal did in his interview with Rolling Stone in which he criticized his boss; crankenscheteppin (not really, I made that up).

I say, Obama should call him into the oval office and relieve McChristal of his command. Done. Reassigned, to some REMFP job, or, better resigned.

Please. Army officers tend to view Democratic presidents with contempt. Sacking McChrystal would help establish a firm chain of command. No one is irreplaceable, a key Army value. I mean really, should a war stop if a general got killed?

Update: I've known since right after I initially posted this that I misspelled his last name, but couldn't get it changed until now.

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michael said...

The whole problem with USA military engagement abroard is that the local population on the recieving end of the malevolence do not like being blown up or controlled.
Do not blame the US military in the form of General Mcchristal for willingly following political orders.
Historically the new americans didnt even like being lorded over by the brits, even though they shared a common language and religion.